Free the Nipple

Santiago, Chile— A legion of fearless women [#Freethenipple] march against classroom sexual maltreatment and harassment policies that universities possess. Only seven out of sixty universities in Chile had functioning standard procedure of counteracting sexual harassment November 2017. This is the aftermath of #bigdata research comported by [@analuisamunozgarcia] Dr. Ana Luisa Muñoz Garcia , a scholar […]

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The Treaty of Grenada 1954

Palm Springs Ca— It was Dawn February 20-21, 1954 when President Eisenhower was on “vacation” and went missing for a hypothetical dentist appointment, ancient report(s) from @LAtimes ,, @mediamonarchy and a paper written by an international scholar Michael Salla #FAKENEWS as the douche bag animal President Trump would say. John Lear, Independent whistler blower […]

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The Iran Retreat

(Mainstream Media)—- Team America’s Navy is surveying Iranian behavior in the Persian Gulf, waiting (Planned) for a “period of uncertainty” and making up folklore since President Trump decided to depart from the pointless international ‘nuclear Iran deal’, Admiral John Richardson announced on 4th May 2018. “Our National Defence Strategy makes clear that we’re back in […]

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The Women of War

The #Women Airforce Services Pilots #WASP was used for transporting new equipment to flight schools around the U.S. and testing repaired aircraft before sending them out to men in battle. The purpose of these women during WWII will always remain a vital part of #American history. These women are presently recognized as authentic ex-G.I janes […]

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Facial Recognition

Middle Earth— Facial recognition technology is progressively being utilized to pinpoint #humans’ in public space. The #American surveillance software, #Trapwire, focuses on decreasing danger and is able to detect threats by blending exclusive analytic tools, artificial intelligence, and closed-circuit televisions. In other words, artificial intelligence is watching you and studying every inch of your face. A great example […]

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#MediaBlackOut Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico— While the fourth estate of U.S. Gov’t talks about #Kanye and his #buffoonery, not to mention the X amount of other buffoons acting like they hate him now. The citizenry in San Juan are participating in a general demonstration that has gone sour. Tear gas and pepper spray are being used […]

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Satan is Making a Comeback

 WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – The Satanic Temple Indiana Chapter horde their first initiatory “Brunch with Beelzebub” at Happy Hollow Park. This satanic picnic was held to bring chapter members and their families collectively for a delicious lunch, activities, and fun, as well as collect contributions for humans’, and animal shelters across the state. Damien […]

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The Tzu Chi Foundation

 By: El Día (The Day) The Tzu Chi Buddhist foundation of Taiwan have quarters in Mexico, #Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, San Martin, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador. There are 80 locations throughout #America. The Tzu Chi teleported food, cleaning supplies, school supplies and sports paraphernalia to humans’ […]

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